Know about firewall

While using a computer or a laptop you definitely need security so that they can work properly for longer duration. Now if we talk about what is the best security purpose then yes firewalls will definitely be mentioned. Now if we talk about what a firewall is then in computing a firewall is a network security system that actually monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing of the network trafficking that is based on certain security rules. Now if we define it is simple terms it actually establishes a barrier between a trusted and another outside network. It actually acts a bridge between the two of the networks.

  • Now if we talk about the categories of firewall then definitely there are basically two categories of firewall and that is network firewalls and host based firewalls.
  • Now talking about the network firewalls then they act as barrier between the two and more of networks for the security purpose.
  • For host based firewall they are the layer based software that is on one host that controls network traffic in and out of a particular single machine.
  • Well these two categories of firewalls act differently and have different functions that have been mentioned in above lines.

Well talking about the firewalls there are different types of firewalls as well that have different functions, if we take into consideration the most famous one then proxies and network address translation will be taken into note. Well you must have heard about proxy while you come into the world of computer. Talking about the proxy it is the type of the firewall that acts as a gateway from one server to another. Besides them there are other types of firewalls as well. Considering the security purpose firewall and are very important in the computer terms.